Month: June 2018

From Male Machinist

One of the things I’ve noticed over my somewhat lengthy career working in firearms industry is the oftentimes incredibly derogatory, classist attitudes that engineers htowards tradespeople, especially female ones.

More often than not, female engineers will be pleasant, cordial, ask questions, ask for advice, not assume I’m stupid or don’t have competence to add to the situation, etc. The exact opposite is true for male engineers, especially if they’re white. They’ll talk down to me, order me around, bully me, not listen to my recommendations only to finally admit, after much arm twisting, that I was right.

This is much, much worse if you’re female or of color.

More often than not, these men are aggressive, big ego white guys with far-right conservative views that lend themselves well to being obnoxious, abrasive, bigoted, privilege-blind a-holes.

Sadly, these men consistently seem to get promotions, while female engineers who do not display these behaviors (and are better usually), do not, even if they’re childless.

These men will then claim “there is no sexism in STEM”. Unconscious bias ^ 10

There’s a saying in Egypt that Islamic extremists only recruit at engineering schools because the male students have no sense of empathy. This is purported to explain why a wildly disproportionate amount of suicide bombers have engineering degrees.

This story I think ought to explain why.