From Female Programmer

I once heard a startup founder talk about how the gender pay gap is a myth and how women do not experience discrimination, only to then overhear him in private saying how he only hires women so he doesn`t get sued.

Unconscious bias my ass. Men are very well-aware of their sexism.


  1. Hiring women costs a lot than hiring men. Men are willing to work overtime for extra pay while women are always taking leave just because of headache. A lot of works were abandoned because of problems with women. That’s why wage gap exist because men are willing to work hard while women are lazy. I’m asian and i know what im talking about


  2. Everyone know Asian men are misogynists because they have small penises and can’t satisfy women. Plus, everyone knows you work way too hard. If by any chance it’s true women work less, that only makes them smarter. So, how does it feel to receive a stereotype attack?


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