The Brothers

From “Stereotypical Female”

“You are a stereotypical female.”
I am a member of my school’s robotics team. There are not very many girls on the team, but that never bothered me because everyone was so inclusive. One of our sponsors is this pair of brothers who are very smart and like to teach kids about STEM. This is great but they make many misogynistic comments to the girls in our team (including myself) and some of the boys. It really does hurt to hear “Women don’t belong in STEM” when you are already trying to make it in a field that is predominately men. Their mindset is so stuck in the past. Women do belong in STEM. Women are just as good as their male counterparts. The problem is men like these two brothers bringing engineer hopeful girls down and discouraging them further. It is not okay. It really is sad that sexism is still so evident in my everyday life. It’s almost as if we’ve gotten nowhere in terms of gender equality. I hope that when I get to college and beyond that the atmosphere is much more inclusive because it’s really not okay.

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  1. I agree with you entirely. Being a lone female in a shop full of men is not a situation I would have wished I’d have to get used to, but unfortunately, I have. female involvement and equality in STEM are always marred by the argument that girls have an unfair advantage, and it’s especially hypocritical and quite frankly, hurtful, when those same people turn around and argue that women are inherently less-inclined to be in the workforce that you’ve been a part of for however long you have. A guy in my robotics club showed me memes like “sudo make me a sandwich” and I guess I thought it funny at the time because honestly i just go along with whatever he says and don’t really care or understand half of what he says. But now i’ve been learning a bit more about linux and stuff and just… everything feels wrong.


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