Month: August 2016

From Anonymous 

In the mid to late 80’s, when I was a graduate students machine shops routinely had posters and calendars of half naked women posted in the foreman’s office. During a neutron scattering run at Brookhaven National Lab, I walked into the machine shop to request a part for a sample holder, only to see pictures of female genitalia. It was embarrassing in ways that I could not explain to all my male colleagues-in fact it was too embarrassing for me to even bring up!!!!
AND I had to go back time and time again to make sure th part was right.

From P 

I am currently an Assistant Professor at a great university in a large coastal cosmopolitan city in the US. But before this, I was at a smaller university in a rainy part of the country, and I was harassed and bullied terribly by one faculty in my dept. I was so naive, because I was 34 years old, and I didn’t think women at that age could be harassed. I know, it sounds ridiculous. But the typical scenario is a 50 yo male harassing 20 year olds, so it never even occurred to me that I could be a target. I had also just gotten married, and its a small dept, so everyone knew I was married. And again I know this sounds so naive, but I just didn’t think anyone would be making those advances and acting that way to someone who was clearly married.

It was without a doubt the worst experience of my professional life. It prompted me to leave the department, and it took some time before I could think clearly, and come out from the fog of depression.