From Anonymous 

One of my older male coworkers routinely calls me “young lady” and constantly interrupts me wanting to chat while I am working, including when I have headphones in and am clearly busy (were not even on the same project). Today, said coworker who I have repeatedly told I have a pending deadline came in 45 minutes early to instant message me to ask to talk.

Him: “You’ve been cold with me, very short, have I done something wrong?”
Me thinking: Cupcake, it’s not my job to make you feel special and be ‘warm’ towards you, I’m here to work and I have a deadline
Me: “Oh no, I just get in the zone and I have a tough time getting back in when I’m interrupted.

I am so frustrated that, as a woman in engineering, my coworker attempts to guilt trip me into not doing my job to stroke his fragile ego.

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