From Anonymous 

I’m in a week-long summerschool right now, in which a handful of well-known professors give expository talks about their field to graduate students and post-docs. Each talk is 75minutes long. The last speaker was male and very carefully referenced every figure, equation, numerical technique and result that he showed. Except for one figure. One figure in the whole 75 min talk was taken by a female professor in her physics lab. He did not reference her. On the same slide were references to other (male) researchers along with images of their photos or numerical results. After he talked about her photo, he did a double-take and said, oops, I forgot to reference Sarah …., dang. At least he mentioned her name. But, really, how did he forget? And how does that effect the female grad students here?


  1. This blog offends me. How about the sexism in Selective Service? How about how Title IX discriminates against men? The Justice system gives women easier sentences for the same crimes. Circumcision laws? Child Custody? Child Support laws? Divorce Laws? I could keep listing all the advantages women have over men that are completely ignored. I know you don’t care about these issues i’ve listed, which is why I couldn’t care less about any actual or perceived sexism against women in STEM. In fact I will make it my life’s mission to discriminate against women


    1. MRA,
      I may be positioned similarly on your “side,” as an anti-feminist, but to be quite frank, I don’t want to see your contemptuous hatred. By spewing hatred, you’re fueling the hate that you hate, and putting yourself in a position to receive more hate. If that makes sense to you, I’ll be thrilled.

      It’s those like you who spoil everything. That’s why I can’t call myself an MRA, because there are a large number of hateful MRA’s like you. (That is, assuming you actually are an MRA, as your name is literally “MRA” … if I’m wrong, then I apologize.)

      As powerful as hate may be, hate itself never solves problems. Never has, never will.
      Sure, it might solve problems in the eyes of the bestower, but there is a little thing out there called “karma.”

      Why don’t you try to be nicer for once? You can make friends that way, and have fun times with them, rather than spending your time fuming over this or that. If you have nothing good (Read: constructive; As some negative things DO actually lead to constructive results. AKA negative feedback, AKA a unity gain amplifier.) to say, then don’t say it.

      Y’know, even though I don’t identify with feminism, – and I question whether or not some incidents posted here have left out important details – if I were to see someone – anyone – being harassed in real life, more likely than not I’d speak up, or at least give a glare or a cough. Of course, that is as long as I see fit… If they deserved it, then it’s not my business to interfere. If they got more than they deserved, then yes, I may interfere.

      For any of those who unfairly bash others, irregardless of their gender – shame on you. You are not only a disgrace to whomever you bash, but you are also a disgrace to your own kind. And for those who have been unfairly treated – you’ve been noticed. ^_^



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