I’m so tired of this. 

From Miranda 

The other day my male-coworker told me that my understand of quantum mechanics was quite low. At the time of writing this i am currently studying metaphysics at a community college. I thought stem would be a safe space where i could share my feminist ideas, but apparently, i was completely wrong. Stem is a horrible route of study, i don’t recommend going for a job in the stem field. So tired of these male co-workers telling me that my understanding of physics is horrible. I’m quitting, and when i feel it fit to study again, I’ll get a bachelor in either political science, gender studies, English or History.
In the meantime i will work at Starbucks. Thanks males.


  1. This is just a fact you’re going to have to accept in life. Very few people have good understanding of these hard subjects. Studying metaphysics at a community college doesn’t mean you’re good at quantum mechanics (which doesn’t seem like something you’d even study in a metaphysics community college degree), considering you can have a PhD in physics, study the field for 20+ years of your life, and still not understand quantum mechanics that well.

    Don’t give up, just accept you’re not that good at it, and try harder.


  2. dont give up miranda. i totally understand you, im studying physics, and i believe..eveyones understanding onquantum mechanics is low. just as rihar feynman said “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.” and if a male coworker is uncapable of accepting it…then hes off the way to actually learning quantum mechanics-


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