Month: April 2016


From Andrea

I’m currently studying physics. when i met my classmates, i didnt thought they could ever be like this. however is unavoidable for them to look at me as the little girl that doesnt understand anything. of course sometimes i have doubts, who doesnt? thats part of learning, the thing is..its so acceptable for any guy to say stupid things, everyone will forget. but if you ever ask anything, or seem confused, instantaniously you become: The woman. Now everytime we finish doing some problems, they ask: did you get it? with that annoying tone, as if i was a dumbo. im not. but i dare any man to hold onto this degrading attaks every day, and still have the self steem to continue to study it is not just that.
today it was worst. we where solving problems in groups of three. we had to simply use integration to get to an answer.simple. a guy asked: where does this x cube come from?. of course he asked the other guy..the woman? pff dont even try. the other guy had no idea. so i explained them. but for a reason it hurt him to know ..that i knew better than him i guess?. i dont know…and he ignored what i said. kept “analyzing” and then re-explained the same thing that i said to the other guy, then and only then we could move on.
This is a problem, because its hard for men to listen to me, not because i dont communicate myself properly. i thought it was my problem. but the majority of guys just ignore or dont thrust anytihg that comes from a women’s mouth…
now i know the answers that keep them from solving the problem, but i abstain from saying anything. im tired. really tired of this routine

I’m so tired of this. 

From Miranda 

The other day my male-coworker told me that my understand of quantum mechanics was quite low. At the time of writing this i am currently studying metaphysics at a community college. I thought stem would be a safe space where i could share my feminist ideas, but apparently, i was completely wrong. Stem is a horrible route of study, i don’t recommend going for a job in the stem field. So tired of these male co-workers telling me that my understanding of physics is horrible. I’m quitting, and when i feel it fit to study again, I’ll get a bachelor in either political science, gender studies, English or History.
In the meantime i will work at Starbucks. Thanks males.