From Anonymous

I’ve scored 9A’s/straight A’s during my O-level and was accepted to a full scholarship foundation and degree program in Medical. Graduated with 3.85 cumulative GPA and am now working as a Doctor in my own private clinic. I’ve managed to do all this because I didn’t get worked up about stupid things like politics and feminism. Instead, I studied and had fun in life.

So, I encourage all Women to please, stop focusing on all those stupid things that you see on the internet and grow up. Also please, stop studying Gender Studies or Arts, they are bad and are a waste of your parent’s money


  1. We’re all very proud of your achievements, but it seems utterly naive to say that entire fields of knowledge are “a waste of money”.

    Also, you may *think* that you’re being apolitical by playing according to the rules of the system, but in fact, that is a very political stance: you are implicitly approving of those rules, with all of their injustices. “You can’t be neutral on a moving train.” Maybe you would have learned about perspectives like this if you didn’t relegate the liberal arts to the trash.:)

    A white, male statistician


  2. 100% chance you’re a man- I’m also having a hard time believing your professional claims since you consider politics to be “stupid”- politics and healthcare go hand in hand and your future as a supposed doctor is directly tied into the politics system. I’m also not sure where you’re seeing “gender studies” majors here- I’m seeing a lot of engineers- seeing as this is a forum for women in STEM who are dealing with sexism.

    Sincerely, a female biochemical engineering student❤️❤️❤️


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