Month: February 2016

From Anonymous

Just graduated college and moved out to Boston. Went to a search agency to find a job. One other person(male) sitting in lobby besides me(female).¬† When called to meet with the recruiter, I’m asked to take a typing test, but the male is not. I said no thank you, I’m not here for that kind of job. This was 1982, had no idea that sexism was alive and well, was a rude awakening.


From Naomi Rachel

I teach Writing For Science and Society – an advanced course for upper division students who are majoring in the sciences, engineering and computer science. I always have far more male students in my classes. They were assigned to review an article published in “The New Yorker” by Carolyn Kormann. ( It’s a wonderful article on frugal science titled “Through The Looking Glass”)¬† The majority of my male students referred to the author as “he” although the author’s name was on the top of the assignment sheet. None of my female students thought Carolyn was a man’s name.


From: Anonymous 

I am a student in a Digital Design university program. A particular professor I have a class with is an affiliate professor in his first semester teaching. He is a Creative Director at a local design firm, thus an expert in the field. There is a system in our program where exceptional work from previous semesters is available to be shown as examples in future classes. All of the examples from last semester happened to be female students. (Although the files where only labeled with their last name, so you wouldn’t be able to tell their gender until opening their presentation where their full name is stated.) When showing the examples, he would assume that each was designed by a male student, starting by saying “So this guy… Oh actually it’s a female student named ____.”

I have seen some lists include the design field with STEM fields, so I’m not sure if this is appropriate for this blog. But I think this really highlights the misconception that women and men design differently or better than one or the other. I think he assumed exemplary work chosen would be designed by men and didn’t think anything of it when he realized he made the same mistake three times in a row.