From Anonymous

Here is a nice story. Our department is hiring and a name (Prof X) made it to the almost-short list. One reason Prof X made it to the list is because she is female, and we have to have some candidates in under-represented groups on the short list that goes up the chain, and we have special money to hire females. The people on the committee knew that Prof X is female, but her name is not an American one, so one really cannot guess that Prof X is female. The almost-short list went out to the faculty for comments. There were a couple of emails back to the committee praising Prof X and “his” high-quality and important research. It was clear from the letters that the writers did not know X is female – and they were completely judging “his” research. I think this shows the importance of giving candidates from under-represented groups some visibility, and for having incentive-programs for hiring minorities, while keeping their affirmative action information confidential during discussions.

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