From ky_w

I’m taking an introductory class to computing. I love it. It’s really intellectually arousing and my mother has always been really good with computers (she programmed with punch cards, back when computers were the size of a room) and she had taught me Excel-based spread-sheeting for keeping track of my pocket money when I was 15.

Every time I mention something about the class to a friend, their first reaction is to commiserate with me. “Oh, it must be so difficult.” “Oh, it must be so boring.”

I’m also majoring in a science, though I won’t mention which. There was once I was on a date with a medical student whose idea of a compliment was “you’re doing a BSc??? can’t be, you’re too pretty to be a science student.”

He did not get a second date.

On the other hand, the next medical student I got to know – who is now someone I really like hanging out with – gives workshops on consent. (What a lovely contrast.)

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