Worst Experience

From Anonymous

I don’t even know where to start.. Being an Asian female student not only required me to deal with sexism but also a subtle racism .. While doing my internship  I was the only female undergraduate in an all guy group in neuro dept of one of the top University in scandinavia .. I had this male PhD student(in his final year) who always passed sexist comments or even tried to massage my shoulders when I am off guard and if I refused to his advances he would find fault with me and my work.. He happened to be someone my supervisor(male) blindly trusted… I did complain about him to the PI (male) and my supervisor ..the response I got was that they know he is “difficult” to be with but I need to work with him and also learn a technique from him since he is the only one who is better than others .. I was stressed for months and to deal with him everyday was effecting me …if I ever disagreed with this PhD student I would be degraded and mocked openly by him.. He was asked by one of the male colleague to stop it but instead things became worse .. He would throw away any solutions Or my samples saying they are bad when I was not in the lab and everyday call me stupid ..one day he even asked infront of everyone  “would you have slept with me if I wasn’t married ?you are stupid anyways no intelligent person would like to be with you” And he laughed .. His concerns were mainly about me being Asian and if I had boyfriend  would any man marry me since we need to be virgin before marrying .. I never discussed my private life yet he felt free to behave in such way.. Also my complaints fell on deaf years.. I just walked away from there .. Before I joined this group I was told I had higher chances to work with them after internship since I had good record as well as good references but later as the months were closing by I talked to the PI who said that He is unimpressed about how my experiments with that PHD student isn’t working and that I didn’t respect the PhD student ..I quit the group .. Graduated .. And now I am applying for PhD .. But sometimes I shudder and ponder is it worth the effort to face constant sexism and degradation ? Is there a way I can avoid such sexist group ? I love science but the idea of going through this ordeal makes me question where should I draw a line ..

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