From Anonymous

I’m a senior at a STEM highschool. It has about a 60:40 boy:girl population, but the teachers (many of whom are women) do try to make it welcoming to all.

2 years ago, after taking the PSAT, one of the boys a year above me told me I could never be a National Merit Scholar because even he hadn’t scored high enough.

Last year, when I was in this same boy’s Calculus class (I skipped a grade in math, so I was taking it as a junior with a class of seniors) he told me I “shouldn’t prostitute myself to get good grades” after I scored higher than him on a test. When I immediately pointed how sexist that was, he said it wasn’t sexist because men can also be prostitutes, and the boys nearby defended him to. I reported him to a number of teachers, but all that happened was that he was forced to apologize, not all that sincerely. The male math teacher, however, was very sorry, and promised to watch and listen more closely in the future.

I am still very angry about this, but after becoming a National Merit Scholar this year, I smirk more often when I look back at this, but it was still really creepy to realize how young boys and men can already be so sexist so early.

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