Internalized Misogyny Much?

From Anonymous

I’m an undergrad engineering major at a tech school. One of the courses we have to take is a design class that mimics a workplace environment. There are two professors – one for engineering and one for professionalism.
For one project we were paired up, and the only group of two female students was the first to do their final presentation for their product. (We were supposed to show up in workplace-appropriate clothing.) They did really well but then it came time for feedback the engineering prof told them that their clothes were inappropriate – that skirts weren’t workplace attire and that wearing their hair down was a no-no. She (she!) told them to wear pants next time, and not wear fancy shirts. She didn’t give them any other feedback about their presentation or project.
I talked to the girls afterwards and they were furious. She ended up taking 7% off their presentation grade and specifically noted that it was because they weren’t dressed “professionally”. (Never mind that it was the other prof who was supposed to decide that, not her. And I’ll note that he (yes, he) had specifically said earlier that skirts were fine, and didn’t have a problem with their attire.)
Nine months later and I’m still kind of stunned that that happened.

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