From Anonymous

where to begin? How about that I have had several male colleagues wink at me whenever they saw me, apropos of nothing? I had one male grad student who sat next to me turn his head to watch me get up or sit down every single time I moved from my chair. He had the absolute creepiest stare that he would use on every young woman in the lab. A male postdoc once asked me if I changed my hairstyle because my boyfriend asked me to do so. My former coworker asked me about my sexual and dating history within two weeks of working in the lab — it was a very open environment in the lab, but still, he was my direct superviser. Another postdoc only complimented my outfits when I wore a dress, and he complimented me EVERY time I wore a dress. Another grad student aggressively hit on every single female in the lab within 2-3 months of starting — what a first impression, eh? Women are consistently the ones asked to do the “housekeeping” activities, while men do little or nothing. I have been stopped by a technician from a *different lab* (with whom I barely interacted) who angrily asked me why I didn’t say hi to him in the hallway, never mind that I had never had a conversation with him and HE had never said hi to me either. But women need to be the friendly ones, amirite? I have seen prominent men in the field refer to women as “the fairer sex”. The list goes on.

I have also worked with many men who “get it”, but there are still an ALARMING number of men who don’t. Keep fighting the good fight, ladies and gentlemen!

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