From Anonymous

I work in Engineering, one of the junior older men on a site I was supervising took issue with the fact that I was senior to him and the fact that I objected to be being called young lady (I was 30).  On a number of  occasions he expressed himself by:  throwing things at me, shouted abuse at me in front of senior staff, refused to speak to me on a daily basis and at the end of the project submitted a complaint about me to our head office.  In this complaint he alleged I was sleeping with other male staff to “get them on my side”, was abusive towards him and other outright lies.  He admitted to two senior staff that his complaint was an effort to have me fired and my career ruined as I needed to be taken down a peg or two.  Although the complaint was dismissed, I was told that it was partially my own fault for not finding a way of compromising and making an effort to “get along with him”.   I pointed out the fact that he was sexist and incompetent and why should I put up with that sort of behaviour in the workplace.  I was told to work on my communication skills.

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