From Anonymous

One of my classmates (and ex-office mate) in grad school always made snide and inappropriate comments to me like joking about me having “daddy issues”, making unnecessary comments about my relationship status, etc. Late one night, he sent me a text message (I had never shared my number with him nor did I know his number) asking me if I would like to go over to his place. He did not sign his name and I did not recognize the number, but my friend did some digging and found out that it was him. When I confronted him about it, he first denied that he sent it and claimed that it was probably a practical joke by a roommate. I decided to follow up on the claim. Shortly after that, he sent me an email claiming that I had misunderstood everything and he had only sent me that message because there was a get-together. (Note that everyone knew that I lived two hours away) and I got this message very late in the night. I was later told by him and some other male students that I should apologize for having been angry when confronting him (no shit)¬† and by expressing my frustration without being concerned about his image, I was coming across as a “strong personality”.

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