Sexism? Who me?

From Anonymous:

I was recently invited to give a talk at a University. During one of the off-moments when my hosts and I were sitting around chatting, the main host mentioned that he doesn’t believe sexism exists at his institution. As proof, he pointed out that he had just hired a female post-doc. When I asked how many other female post-docs his dept has, he said – well, she’s the only one. The female in question was there, so I asked her to tell us her story. Her story had interesting examples of bias all along the way, which made us think that this particular woman was pretty tough to have stuck it out. It’s possible that Mr. Host might have started to understand that it’s not a level playing ground.


  1. This is oh so typical! Take heart though, as a new campaign has just begun in an effort to change such things. The This Is What We Look Like Campaign aims to promote the presence, awareness, and progress of women in traditionally male dominated fields, including STEM. The idea is to fill the web with images of women doing what is usually considered men’s work:

    Please check out our site, join the campaign, and spread the word.

    Let’s change the way we think about women and work!


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