The Pretty One

From Anonymous:

I was at a dinner party with my husband and a young group leader and his pretty wife. Somehow, the group leader started talking about a young woman he had hired who had recently invited him and his wife to an afternoon coffee at the home she shared with her boyfriend. The group leader started describing her to my husband so that he would know who he was talking about. His wife cut in and said, ” she has long brown hair”. Her husband mused, “no, it is more reddish brown, I think”. His wife was annoyed, but he wad oblivious. This woman employee was very, very pretty and the only woman in the group. He pulled out his phone and text messaged her, “what color is your hair?” Oblivious to the discomfort of the rest of us around the table. Around the office, the woman employee always looked lonely, tough, yet fully aware of how uncomfortable her situation was.

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