Acting as the Women’s Representative

From Anonymous:

I was asked to serve as the women’s representative for a few hiring decisions. There was one entry level position which was de facto reserved for a woman, so that they wouldn’t have any trouble rejecting women applicants for the leadership positions. In young woman’s interview, she came across as sharp and competent, yet, the person who would be her boss only had one thing to say about her in the session in which we were supposed to give our assessments, “she didn’t seem to pushy”. This was his highest compliment.
For another position, there were two candidates selected for interviews, a super sharp woman who’s talk conveyed a quick wit and depth of intelligence and capability, and a fairly dull seeming younger guy who came from a rather illustrious advisor. While the choice was clear (with the women’s representative in the room), the candidate’s future boss seemed saddened because the young man looked so obedient, while the smart woman seemed scary to him. (She was in no way scary). After that hire, I was no longer asked to be the women’s representative.

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