Criticize at Your Own Peril
From Anonymous:

Young men do not take criticism well. Many have developed the belief that they are entitled to women’s respect on the basis of being born male. this becomes apparent when a young man responds with hatred and contempt to a woman who points out an error or asserts equality. He may seek comfort for his wounded ego by rallying the boys club in support of his assertion that woman X is an uppity bitch.
(aside: I hope to see a blog like this take the form of one day. The leader posts every day on things in the news and reader stories. the narrative has consistent and clear assumptions. She keeps people up to date about various boogeymen in the field and the commenters are always ready to correct an idiot. She works the blog as a full time job. If there is anything I can do to help build a blog like this, please let me know.)

One comment

  1. On second thought, maybe it isn’t possible to have open discussions on the internet, as they do on skepticalob. There are no financial sequelae from commenting on women’s health issues, but leaving evidence of feminist consciousness could negatively impact a stem woman’s career.


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