The Sarcastic One

From Anonymous:

I had a possibly groundbreaking idea which I brought to the head of the group which could test it. It was acknowledged to be definitely worth pursuing and an expert in techniques which I did not use was made available to me. We put together an excellent paper, but I couldn’t get a green light to submit it from the group leader because I had refused to collaborate with a particular young man in his group with whom I had an email history of extreme contempt and sarcasm from his side. I wrote that I didn’t want him on the paper because our skill sets overlapped and I had other people willing to cross check my results. The group leader sided with his sarcastic young man because I was just an outside collaborator who was not essential to his central mission. When I presented the idea to a larger audience, I was told that it was something that I could use to launch my career to the next level.

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