The Ship That Sank

From Anonymous:

I was hired to organize a and execute a project using support from collaborating universities. I steered the project into new, groundbreaking territory and wrote up a detailed tolerance study/road map. A group with more resources which used the same facility as me had their project fail and they decided to adopt my plan and join their efforts with my collaboration group, but instead of giving the management role to me, the person who had studied and prepared for the role for 3 years, they gave the management position to a guy from their (failed) team who is younger and, as everyone now realizes, significantly dumber than me. The logic was that he was well liked by their of young men and could use me as a consultant.. except that he didn’t. He and his buddies tried to put their stamp on my concept by changing it in stupid ways. Eventually, the stupidity of the young manager and his changes became apparent. It became clear to management that I was the only one who actually understood how the system worked and that the decision to take control of something that I invented away from me was wrong, but this all happened years too late and the damage to the concept and project’s reputation had already been done. They were also concerned that I would have an ugly story to tell and didn’t wan’t it to become crystal clear to the broader community. It was embarrassing in terms of their treatment of a smart woman employee. I was advised to move away from the sinking ship lest it take me down with it. Meanwhile, another group at another lab is about to launch something that looks very much like my ship.

I am glad to have found this website. At many points over the last few years, I considered quitting and trying to start some sort of online community/forum where this sort of injustice gets recorded and validated. So many of us have no help in putting our isolated experiences in perspective.

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