From The Stemfeminist team:

We just received this gem from one calm and articulate Superfly-guy: “Wow to complain about a T-shirt when we are landing on a comet? You are pathetic, you all look stupid now, and the world can see your all angry with a chip on your shoulder. Go do something important instead of trying to get attention…”

This seems as good a time as any to mention that if we do receive privately messaged, sexist feedback, it is always our prerogative to post it as an example of sexism on this site.


    1. Seriously.
      He had images of women in stripper poses all over his shirt. They were reminiscent of Heavy Metal magazine (you know, that graphic science-fiction/fantasy mag with all the images of trolls raping human women) and the side of tacky van art circa 1974.
      What in the ever loving hell was he thinking? Sexism? Sure. But even if sexism wasn’t a thing, any run of the mill fashionista would have railroaded his ass for looking so unprofessional. Jesus. These guys don’t socialize enough and soak themselves in too much porn.


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