From Anonymous:

I work in the mathematical sciences. In my field, there are a number of well-qualified and nationally-based female scientists. However, very few of them have been recognized for their work, including being asked to serve on grant selection committees for the national granting agency. Male colleagues who have served on these committees have confided that the reasons for overlooking these women relate to their research applications being primarily in health (as opposed to, e.g., finance), which has been targeted as irrelevant by program officers in the current funding climate.


  1. From England, Herbert, Kilbourne et al. 1994: “The percent female of an occupation lowers the pay it offers to both men and women, …. Net of these variables, including percent female, occupations involving nurturance offer lower wages to both men and women. We interpret these net wage penalties for working in a more female occupation, and for doing nurturant work, as sex discrimination in wage setting; occupations and types of skill are devalued because they are typically done by women.”


    1. Women are attracted to research projects that do societal good (such as health-relevant applications in mathematical sciences); a recent editorial explains this phenomenon When national granting agencies de-fund such applications because they are too “soft”, society suffers; see


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