From Dr. Dorothy:

After i completed my doctorate a prominent facility opened up which promised a long career in the field that i had been trained in. While it was being built word on the grapevine began to circulate that the facility was going to be run as a military installation, i.e. No women.

When i did get an interview i was deliberately given the wrong time for the interview and on the way there someone tried to cause a car accident. I still made it to the interview. While i was walking to the interview room with the interviewer he mentioned that he was surprised that i had made it there alive. Later he told me that he was gay and didn’t get along with women so none would be hired on his beamline. I guess preventing me from getting to the interview would have served as an excuse for hiring the male. When i left this ‘well respected scientist’ put his hand in his pants and offered me a hand covered in faeces to shake. This is the quality of scientist that the Australian Government thinks are appropriate to be in charge of hiring at the Australian Synchrotron. Scientists would would rather kill women than work with them.

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