From Anonymous:

My male postdoc advisor has a history of treating his female students like his secretaries or personal assistants, a fact well-noticed by the male students, as well. In treating me like is personal assistant, he tends to volunteer me for tasks without asking my opinion or if I’m even available. When I found out that he volunteered me, yet again, to give a talk at a workshop we were attending (which he also volunteered me to attend without asking) and I expressed my surprise that I was on the list of speakers, his response to me was: “Oh it’ll be fine. You like giving talks. You can put on something pretty and stand up in front of everybody.”

One comment

  1. I was to give a talk in my seminar. The talks are usually recorded, but the equipment had been broken. My supervisor assured me not to worry, it would be fixed before my talk. A few days before my talk, he told me that the equipment had been fixed, he said to me that he told the IT people it absolutely had to be ready for such a pretty speaker.


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