From Anonymous:

Overheard at a highly-ranked private university between an older academic who is very well-known in his field and his female(!) colleague…

Him: The shorts the girls are wearing these days are astonishing.

Her: Checking out the freshmen girls again, are you?

Him: Yes, and I will continue to do so until I’m too old to notice anymore.

Me: *puking*

Her: How is the seminar you’re teaching going?

Him: I have 20 students, 19 of them female. It’s because I offered $50 gift cards to Macy’s to anyone who didn’t drop the class.

Me: *grinding teeth to keep my mouth shut*

This is a man who “mentors” a number of female students and likely sees himself as very progressive in his treatment of women, however it’s the underlying attitude that tells the real truth. This is the first time I’ve shared these, even though they made me so angry at the time. I feel like there is an unspoken expectation of “loyalty” that keeps a lot of women silent. Thank you for providing this platform to share.

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