From Anonymous:

I work at a synchrotron as a beamline scientist. You would think that maybe by this point in my career I might have gathered enough respect that I could get a word in edgewise in discussions, or have my opinion respected. My male colleagues would probably tell you that, of course, she is brilliant, and we enjoy and welcome her input. Maybe if they could hear themselves, they would understand.

Every conversation is a reminder that I am the outsider. If I listen to my male peers have a conversation amongst themselves, for some strange reason, no one gets talked over, and everyone has space to say their piece. No one gets stringently questioned and doubted, unless it is a truly heated topic. When I have one on one conversations with male peers, I struggle to get my point across over objections and interruptions, and on many occasions, I have had to be blunt and demand they listen instead of speak.

This constant struggle for respect is exhausting, and it is making me consider leaving science.

One comment

  1. Maybe you can form a women’s group in your department? Women in (whatever your field is) where you can talk about these sorts of things? Does your institution have any type of “Gender Balance” office where you could have people facilitate a workshop that would point out to the perpetrators what they are doing? You might want to respond: “who cares!!! Why should i have to waste my time dealing with this….” .


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