I know you’re the boss but….

From Anonymous:

During a summer internship I worked at a national lab where I was under the direction of a female mentor who was the project director, overseeing ~ 30 people.

During one lunch meeting with some representatives from an outside contractor, I observed that she and I were the only women at the table (we had brought one male colleague with us and all of the other representatives were male).

I didn’t recognize this until I realized that no one was making eye contact with me or speaking directly to me. I wrote it off to me being the intern… until I realized they were doing it to my mentor too, clearly the most senior person in the conversation. She would speak and ask them a question, and they would acknowledge the question and then turn to her male (subordinate) colleague in order to answer it. If they had questions, they posed them to my male colleague even if my mentor was the most prepared to answer them.

I brought it up with her and the male colleague after the meeting and he brushed it off, but she took me aside and said that its something she sees regularly, even though she’s a project director and her female boss oversees the *entire* department.

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