From Anonymous:

Before beginning my story, it is important to know that I am a rape survivor. I was raped as an undergraduate and spent the rest of my undergraduate career trying to get justice for other victims at my school, with unfortunately little success.

I regularly work with programs designed for youths in STEM fields. This past summer I was again working with them and was one of only two female staff members in the whole program (and the only one who was a teacher). Because of the small number of female students and staff in general, I had to take a large amount of responsibility in the day-to-day life of the male students, often doing much more work than any of my male co-staff. The male co-staff would frequently try to mansplain delegating tasks to me (but whenever I did delegate one of my assumed tasks, they would do a half-job, and blame me for not doing my work, so I ended up having to correct whatever they did wrong in my job and make formal apologies for their mistakes).

There was one male student in particular who made many extremely uncomfortable advances to me. He would come near my room at night and wait outside of the room to be “surprised” when I came out to tell him to sleep. He would make gender-based jokes around me and would frequently make sexual comments towards me. I reported him no less than 5 times to the director of the program, since that could have been a very precarious situation for me, a young adult woman working with teenagers. To my knowledge, the director never once approached him about his inappropriate comments to me and they never stopped. The student began to make rape jokes which left me in a constant state of unsafeness for the duration of the summer — and no one except the one other female staff member ever said anything to this student, even when he behaved in an inappropriate way to me in public, in front of other students or staff members.

And of course, I was still blamed for not doing my job properly and ensuring he was getting enough sleep, getting to classes on time, and paying proper attention to his studies.

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