Grad School Interview

From Anonymous:

When I was trying to decide which grad school to attend, I was invited to visit a department in an Ivy League university. During the visit, I interviewed with a male faculty member whose research was related to what I was hoping to study. He spent about 5 minutes talking with me about the work in his lab, then called me over to sit next to him at his desk. He had a browser window open and was looking at a series of photo composites of young women who were supposed to represent the “average” faces of women from various countries. To be clear, this sort of thing wasn’t remotely related to his own work or anything I was planning to study. I had to sit there while he paged through and commented on the attractiveness of the women’s faces and their respective countries, until he finally decided that Ethiopian women were the most attractive to him. I wasn’t sure what to say or even how to bring the conversation back to research and why I was there. Eventually he handed me a lab t-shirt and sent me to interview with an emeritus male faculty member who argued with me and said that I was wrong about everything.

Well, even though I was accepted to that department, I ended up going to grad school at a better-ranked department elsewhere.

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