Work Life Balance

From Anonymous:

During a professional development seminar, a male professor was talking with our internship cohort about the pros and cons of doing a post doc before going on the job market versus going straight into a faculty job.

He made the comment: “Your quality of life is going to be terrible until you get tenure – so just get used to the idea of working 24 hours a day for those first several years.”

When we perpetuate the idea that work life balance is an unreasonable goal, or that having a life outside of work will lead to failure, we are pushing women out of academia.

Actually, we are pushing men out too, but I think this impacts women to a greater degree.

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  1. In the same vein, I was counseled by a senior male colleague early in my career to spend less time with my husband (with a wink about what time meant) to better my chances at tenure. Sadly, I know that this colleague’s first marriage failed. Was he hoping that mine would fail too?

    Why would he assume that my job is more important than my life? I didn’t promise to stay at this university until one of us is dead.

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