Building a lab or a harem?

From Anonymous:

I was out with a male colleague when he received what seemed to be an urgent call from one of his male colleagues at a different institution. From the sound of the call I could tell his colleague was in trouble with his Dean and it had something to do with a female student. They were discussing ways he could defend himself including making it known how crazy this girl is. Then I heard my colleague telling him not to worry because worst case scenario he could connect him up with a position at another school. When the phone call ended I asked what is going on? He told me his friend’s student told the Dean he slept with her and she was upset about it. He went on to say how while that is true, the girl wanted it and is now being a “headcase” and who knows what kind of trouble she’ll cause. He also disclosed that his friend has slept with 2 other of his students (3 total in his lab) but the others have not filed complaints. As I’m listening to this story I’m completely shocked at how incestuous relationships with students is just business as usual for these guys. Incidentally, the colleague in question never got fired and continues to attempt inappropriate relationships with students. I know this because he later tried to with one of mine. Luckily she put him in his place.

Then I got to wondering how much this guys student selection decisions are based on who he’d like to sleep with and how “lucky” he thinks he can get.

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