From Anonymous:

At a conference, out of nowhere, and without prior conversation, a well known professor and researcher told me that my husband would appreciate it if I gained weight. I was very sick with anorexia nervosa at the time. I was too shocked to say anything back. My husband since left me, so I guess he was correct. I highly doubt he would have told me the opposite if I had been overweight. He also told me I would never be successful with my voice. I haven’t had the confidence to do a conference oral presentation since.

One comment

  1. That’s terrible. I also often get comments such as, “you’re too skinny!” and “shouldn’t you eat more?” at conferences. It makes me very self-conscious at conferences where I have to eat every meal with my colleagues. It’s almost exclusively men at these conferences, of course. I suspect they rarely get unsolicited comments on their eating habits.


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