It’s dangerous to meet your idols…

From Anonymous:

I was excited to get into a certain grad program given some of the faculty there were quite notable in my field. In fact, when I was an undergrad, I went to a conference, bought one of the professor’s books and shyly asked him to sign it. He was a legend in the field so to me he was a rock star. I ended up getting into the program and this was the most exciting time of my life. Two months into the program there was a departmental party. This professor was there and at one point came over to me and my female classmates to chat (with a drink in his hand). His presence made me nervous, I couldn’t believe he was coming to chat with us. I don’t recall the nature of the entire conversation, only at one point him turning to my classmate and saying, “Hey why don’t you take your top off and run up and down those stairs.” Feeling stunned and in disbelief about what just happened, we just nervously laughed and slowly moved away from him.

I felt like an idiot for having idolized a guy who turned out to be an old, ill-mannered pig.

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