Typical female, all wrong!

From Anonymous:

This happened during a seminar in our department. Professor X (male) gave a talk on his research result. At the end of the talk, I (female) asked him a question on some aspect of his result, suggesting a possible way to further study the problem. Professor X replied with a big gesture. “All wrong. Just like my wife (who is a house wife), can only come up with this kind of idea, way off. Typical female, all wrong.”

I was so shocked of his insulting words that I froze. What’s worst is that all other females in the audience all remained silent, and a couple of male faculties laughed out loud, “Haha, that’s funny.”

Do you think it is funny?

May I suggest that, if such a scene shall happen again in the future (and surely it will!), everyone in the audience shall stand up! Every female and every supporting male, please stand up and stare at Prof X.

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