From Anonymous:

I read many shocking stories here and here is mine. I was on the job market several years ago. Got interviewed in several places, including one in ivy league. I did not get an offer from them and was a bit surprised, since by that time I was more advanced then the job that they were offering. Next year after this interview I met a guy, who was on the hiring committee and discussed my case. He apologetically explained, that they did not hire me because they thought that my husband would not be able to find a job around.

Fortunately I ended up in a better department. But it turned out that at the department where I’ve been hired also discussed my personal life. Nobody from the committee knew that I am married, so it turned out well…

I think this is the high level of sexim in academia: committees care about poor husbands, what if they would not be able to find a job. That would ruin all their principles. It is not acceptable that the wife has a success and the husband stays at home cleaning a house.

Next time you will be on the committee and hear that this kind of conversation starts: STOP it! Stop it before you will end up discussing how regular the applicant in her periods is!

…and for those that actually end up discussing somebodies personal life on a committee, keep in mind: I am watching you.

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  1. This is actually incredibly common. And when it is pointed out to the people doing this that they are wrong and sexist to do this, they don’t get it. They continue. Of course as I was the one pointing it out, and I’m “just a women” so….


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