Letter of Recommendation

From Anonymous:

I worked as an undergraduate RA for 1.5 years in a male professor’s lab. After graduating, I took a full time RA job at a nearby institution. Knowing I was planning to apply to graduate school, I did my best to stay in contact with the professor from my undergraduate institution in a professional yet friendly manner.

Shortly before applications were due, I asked if he would like to get coffee or lunch to discuss my application, as he had agreed to write me a letter of recommendation. He instead suggested dinner at a bar/restaurant near his home. At dinner, he insisted on buying me drinks, and continued to order several rounds throughout the evening. During dinner, he commented on my appearance multiple times. Afterwards, I thanked him for dinner and said I would be walking to the subway station. He told me that the subway was closed and that I should sleep on his couch. I knew the subway wasn’t closed and suggested I try to catch a train or a cab, but he insisted. Reluctantly, I went back to his home, where he raped me.

One week later, he sent me several sealed copies and one unsealed copy of a glowing letter of recommendation.

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