From Anonymous:

Once I worked with a (male) graduate student from another department, and agreed to be on his comprehensive exam committee. Since we were from different departments, I have never met his thesis advisor in person before that exam. I arrived at the exam 10 minutes early, and greeted other committee members (all male professors). Then everyone was sitting around the table, waiting for the advisor to show up. He finally came. He walked around the table, greeted everyone warmly. BUT, he passed by me without even a slight acknowledgement of mine existence, and greeted the person next to me. It was until the question part of the exam that he realized that I worked extensively with his student. Did he apologize for his earlier behavior? Of course not.

It was difficult for me to understand how to respond in such situations. If I made a scene, I might put the poor student in trouble with his advisor. So I remained silent. Was that the correct response? It did not feel right either…

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