From Anonymous:

Early in graduate school, I made the decision to report to the program director that a male classmate had repeatedly leered at another female classmate, made comments about her physical appearance and about his assessment of her willingness to “get it on”. I pointed out that it would likely be problematic if he continued this behavior as he moved into positions which put him into more contact with students, etc. The director acted mildly concerned and then said he would think about how to address it. To my knowledge, nothing was done, and the behavior certainly continued. Several years later, the classmate had a serious sexual harassment charge made against him, which made it difficult for him to progress to the next step in his career. The university created a position for him rather than allowing him to fail. Contrast that with another (equally bright or brighter) female classmate, who when she was struggling with anxiety and depression, was pressured by multiple (male) faculty members to “examine whether she could continue” and ultimately dropped out. I suppose boys will be boys?

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