From Anonymous:

A colleague asked me to be a senior researcher on the proposal he and colleagues were writing for NSF. I was confused because the topic had nothing to do with my research. He explained that they needed a senior woman on the proposal for diversity reasons. Oh. I declined, wondering how many other invitations that I had received for visits, lecturerships, collaborations … were for that reason, and felt my confidence slipping away.

One comment

  1. I began my career in business in the early 1980’s in technology, which was even more male dominated then. There was no real protection at that time, including lawsuits. So, I learned to take advantage of those situations when I was invited/hired as a function of being female becuase I knew there were times I lost opportunities due to this. People are invited to participate for various reasons. If the need for diversity to ensure objective research, take advantage of the opportunity. Perhaps frame it as an invitation by another discipline that needs a researcher from there. If you don’t think you are fully qualified find a mentor to develop the incremental skills.


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